Busted: London Mayor caught faking celebrity endorsements in anti-knife campaign

mayor caught faking celebrity endorsements

image via Daily Mail UK.

Not that the British sheeple aren’t marching willingly into a disarmed subjugation, but London Mayor Sadiq Kahn was recently caught putting his thumb on the scales. As a part of his ineffectual anti-knife campaign, he was reaching out to celebrities to tweet support for the endeavor. I do not know whether he was not getting enough actual support, but several of his “endorsements” were found to be fabricated, and needed to be removed.

From Daily Mail UK:

The Mayor of London’s office has been forced to remove promotional material for its anti-knives campaign after it was discovered celebrity endorsements supporting the drive had been faked.

Star Wars actor John Boyega, grime artist Lethal Bizzle and singer Jessie J were among those who featured in the information pack apparently endorsing the London Needs You Alive scheme, launched by Sadiq Khan in November last year.

But it has since emerged that the entertainers were not consulted about their involvement, and that the social media posts featured – including content from Twitter and Instagram – were fake.

Khan has been under fire for his impotence in the face of rampant violent crime in his city. People are being stabbed all over the place, but there are acid attacks, vehicular assaults, and more. The perps aren’t choosy.

Sometimes it is the work of gangs on mopeds…

But the authorities continue to focus on meaningless cosmetic differences, like the evil “zombie knives”…

They just don’t get it.



  1. Sam L. says:

    I’m pretty sure they get it, but they will do anything to avoid saying it. And they’ll prosecute anyone who does say it.

  2. Button Gwinnett says:

    I don’t carry a knife as a weapon because I have a gun as a weapon. Is that what he wanted to know? Because I never leave the house without my Old Timer.

  3. Rightwing Nutter says:

    I wonder what the violent assault stats for London are vs. say DC or Baltimore.

    1. Reporting standards are so different it is hard to make an apples to apples comparison

  4. MarkJ says:

    Seems to me the most obvious result of Britain’s gun control legislation has been to ensure Brits now hack, slash, stab, and bash each other in delightfully medieval ways.

    How’s THAT for “progress”?

  5. Tielle Tea says:

    First, take away the guns.
    Then, take away the knives.
    Then, take away the soap box.
    Then, take away the person.

  6. billdeserthills says:

    Unfortunately these fools have yet to learn that murderers don’t consult the law & they don’t care if they use a gun, knife, rock or rope to kill with. What’s next, ban rocks??

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Busted: London Mayor caught faking celebrity endorsements in anti-knife campaign

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