Caleb White Video: Making a hamon line

It was recently brought to my attention that I have never mentioned Caleb White’s Youtube Channel. He has a great one. I figured I would share this particular video both because of its stand-alone quality and because the Hamon line is one of the most aesthetically gripping aspects of the Penance that I reviewed. They feature prominently in Caleb’s work.

You can learn more about Caleb from his “5 from the Grinder” post.

For those of you who have not heard of a Hamon line, it is a formed when a knifemaker coats the spine and back of the blade with clay before heat treating. When heated, the covered portion remains slightly cooler, hence softer and more resilient. It also leaves behind a beautiful line at the boundary between the differentially hardened sections.

As I mentioned, he has an extensive YouTube channel with dozens of videos. He has a couple of multi-episode “how-to”s all of which are both educational and well shot. The first episode of one of these is below.


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Caleb White Video: Making a hamon line

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