Canadian knife import ban causing confusion and spurring sales

Canadian Knife Import Ban

“Ironically the uncertainty over the import rules is starting to create an increased demand for folding knives” – CTV

You don’t say? If you missed it, a recent ruling by the Canada Trade Tribunal has declared any knife that can be opened by a centrifugal “wrist-flip” is now deemed to be a deadly weapon, and Canadian Border Services Agency has declared any such knives will be seized.

Canadian retailers are left scratching their heads. Such common folding knives are not considered illegal by most Canadian Police departments, and retailers are allowed to sell their current stock. But most knife companies have announced they will not be shipping new knives to Canada. Cue a run on available knives.


It is nice to see Canadian TV picking up on the story. The sooner this abhorrent ruling is quashed the better. The longer it is allowed to metastasize, the harder it is going to be to get it tossed. The Canadian Legislature needs to act now. Which may be problematic as they have NAFTA uncertainty, Immigration issues, and other concerns bigger than pocket knives on their plate.

Too bad their joke of a PM is too busy failing at photo ops in India to show real leadership.





  1. So the Canuks will have to learn to do the “wrist flick” with their forks so they can cut their very tough steaks.
    Fork it over.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Canadians have a LOT to make up for.

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Canadian knife import ban causing confusion and spurring sales

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