Canadian woman gives birth at remote rest-area; father saves baby with pocket-knife.


Tyler Olsen’s son was delivered with an intact amniotic sac. He used his knife to free the child. (photo from CBC)

Canadians Caitlin Vince and Tyler Olsen were en-route to the closest birthing center to their British Columbia home – a 90km trek over a winding and remote highway. When the contractions got too strong, they pulled into a rest-area overlooking the Peace River valley and with the help of a 9-1-1 operator, a family friend, and a couple of travelers from Alberta, delivered 8 lb 2oz Augustus Olsen beside the road.


“Caitlin Vince delivered her son while lying in gravel, with the baby still in the amniotic sac — a rare birthing situation called en caul.

Tyler Olsen caught his newborn son, and managed to free him from the amniotic sac using his pocket knife.”

I imagine that most folks living in as remote a corner of the world as northeast BC take preparedness seriously, and that includes knives. I lived in a little town in Idaho for 4 years (Ririe) which was a half-hour drive from the closest medical facility. We kept track of our breakdown kits religiously. If I didn’t spend so much time in the Smoky Mountains out of cell-range, I would be tempted to let them lapse as it is easy to get complacent when surrounded by modernity.

Then I remember the snowstorm that paralyzed Atlanta in January 14, stranding thousands in their vehicles. It reminds me to double-check my Knoxville vehicles as well.


A much prettier view than the inside of a hospital. (CBC)

Bonus Question of the Day: Do you have a break-down bag in your vehicle? What knife do you keep in it?



  1. sagebrushracer says:

    Knife Hero of the Week!

    or something similar.

    1. CJ says:

      Gets my vote.

    2. borg says:

      Carry a knife, save a life.

  2. Grindstone says:

    Delivering your own son is one thing, but also saving his life in the process? Dad of the year.

    I’ve got a CRKT Desert Cruiser in my truck, only because it’s my oldest knife and I haven’t picked out a vehicle-specific one yet.

  3. cmeat says:

    a big plastic buck 446u lives in the van’s coalbag. tools, first aid, etc. might breakdown on the way to cedar point one year, don’t cha know. maybe near fangboner road.
    the mora hangs in it’s sheath on the door handle. i like my windows down (i know, i know) and we have some grabby stoplight trolls. if i get pulled over, the best case scenario will be to donate it.

  4. Sam L. says:

    Gerber Mk II

  5. borg says:

    Carry a knife save a life

  6. Wilhemina says:

    Utterly pent subject material, Really enjoyed reading through.

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Canadian woman gives birth at remote rest-area; father saves baby with pocket-knife.

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