Canadians (politely) fight back against knife import ban

knife import ban

Canadians aren’t going to take the de facto folding knife import ban lying down. In fact, they are so angry about this, they are refusing to apologize for being mad. According to our friend Alex Antoniou, purveyor of and resident of “The Shwah” (Oshawa, ONT), some Canadians are showing the true Canadian grit of minor-league hockey player, and Olympic Curling-husband Shawn Germain (seen above). A petition has been launched to see that this injustice perpetrated by the Canada Trade Tribunal and the Border Services Agency on the knife-loving Canadian public shall not stand.

From KnifeNews:

Canadian knife users are rallying behind the first formal effort to oppose Canada Border Services Agency’s crackdown on one-hand opening folders. A petition, sponsored by Alberta Conservative Member of Parliament Matt Jeneroux, calls on the government to repeal the Canadian International Trade Tribunal’s (CITT) ruling on AP-2017-012 last November, which prompted the change in CBSA’s policies. The petition has already been signed by nearly 2,000 Canadians and will be tabled in the House of Commons later in the year. Once tabled, the Liberal government will have 45-days to issue a response.

Canada Border Services stunned Canadian knife users in January when it adopted the CITT’s definition of a ‘prohibited’ weapon. In a statement issued to KnifeNews, Jeneroux says: “This week, I sponsored a petition organized by one of my constituents on this issue. One-handed opening knives are used by Canadians for a multitude of reasons, including for camping, hiking, and general outdoor and labouring activities. This is something a lot of Canadians are clearly concerned about, and I’m happy to have sponsored the petition to ensure they have a platform to express their views.”

Canada-jokes aside, Alex has been great “aboot” sharing his megaphone when we have put out a call to action on behalf of Knife Rights. It is the least we can do to return the favor and lend a hand to our friends in the Great White North. So if you are Canadian, get involved. If you know a Canadian, let them know about this bureaucratic malfeasance, and ask them to get involved.

Buy them a coffee and a doughnut at the local Timmy’s and ask them to sign the petition.

Just be sure not to mention our gold medal in Women’s Hockey, they might get mildly irritated at you.


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Canadians (politely) fight back against knife import ban

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