Caption this: How do you carry your knives?

He takes his EDC seriously…

Flagellation and self-mutilation are traditions across many religions and cultures. I am assuming that what this clown is doing is something along those lines.

I know nothing about the context of this photo which passed across my Facebook feed, but I figured I would tee it up for Cmeat and the rest of you to give it a rip.




  1. stuartb says:

    Tek-Lok’s first efforts failed to capture broad market appeal, despite the keen price point

  2. cmeat says:

    searching the red light district for a kydex inflatable doll.
    the indonesian “hugs not drugs” campaign was not proving effective.
    when you are unclear on the “knives ship free” concept.
    responding in person to an ad seeking an edgy male.
    pawar secretly hoped that his school would install metal detectors.
    even though kukhri day was past, he was looking forward to crkt minimalist day in his rotation.
    xolette still to this day mails her younger brother a check each week.

  3. Might be the Ashura holiday in Pakistan.

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Caption this: How do you carry your knives?

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