Caption This: What is the HRC of a rutabega?

HRC of a rutabega

Evening folks.  The kids go back to school tomorrow after a series of “flu-days”. With my luck they will both actually get sick themselves in the coming days. But tomorrow will be the first time in 6 days where I can come home to an empty house and actually get some writing in. It was fun to play with the kids all day for few days, but everyone is looking forward to getting back to normal.

Since it is still Sunday, I thought I would clear the decks of a couple of the funnier things I have come across in the last few days. Please give us your best caption on the photo above if you are so inclined.






  1. Sam L. says:

    Dang dollar-store knives!

  2. Mike L. says:


  3. TheStoic says:


  4. cmeat says:

    while leading in all categories of the kitchen bushcraft competition, the santoku displayed a distinct lack of batoning ability.

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Caption This: What is the HRC of a rutabega?

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