Caption This: Meanwhile at the Cold Steel Booth…


Cold Steel being Cold Steel

Cold Steel is known for being a bit over the top sometimes. One can never be sure what they will do next, both in terms of their knives and what they do with them. Their Mackinac Hunter is a great knife and is quite solidly engineered. For a handful of stickers and other Blade Show swag, caption the above photo before I leave town on Sunday.

(and I know I owe someone a SOB morale patch for a previous Caption This. It will be announced along with our Essay Contest winners and go out when I mail everything).



  1. elcas says:

    are you sure about this Boss? said the new intern

  2. DanV says:

    “Eighteen!” -Gimli

  3. Jonathan says:

    Jon Snow: He knows nothing

  4. cmeat says:

    i can’t let you eat any more churros, edward. not while we’re sharing a room.

  5. sagebrushracer says:

    “don’t worry, we are professionals!”

  6. Rick the Bear says:

    “Answer questions three, ere the other side you see.”

  7. “Next time, on ‘Zombie Dojo’…”

  8. Roger says:

    “Absolute Proof”

  9. Jack says:

    The best defense against death is a good offense against death…

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Caption This: Meanwhile at the Cold Steel Booth…

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