Caption this (win a knife): Putting Ethan Becker to work…

Caption this photo of a Hogue and Ka-Bar designer, and you could win a SOG knife.

It is contest time knife-fans! If you come up with the best caption for the photo above, you could win a SOG Centi II – courtesy of SOG.

I know it may be an odd prize to giveaway captioning a photo of a Hogue designer Allen Elishewitz and Ethan Becker of Becker Knife and Tool, but of all my BLADE Show 2017 photos, this one felt like it held the greatest comedic potential. Best caption (as judged by David, Jake, and myself) wins.

Further confusing things, there is a second photo of Kim Breed and Me below the jump. Caption that one to be entered into a drawing to win a “50 Years of Hogue” Challenge-Coin, courtesy of Hogue Knives. Label your Captions “A” and “B” for the two photos.

There are worse people to recruit for culinary duty than Ethan Becker, whose other parallel career is Author/Editor of The Joy of Cooking. Granted, Allen did most of the cooking, but Ethan can be trusted with a kitchen knife.

Speaking of trust, I am glad that knifemaker Kim Breed considers me a friend. Otherwise I would find it somewhat disconcerting to have a retired Army SOF Master Sergeant holding a knife to my throat. I had no nee to worry, I have considered him a friend since we met at my first BLADE Show in 2014.

Caption this to be entered to win a Hogue Challenge-coin

As both these photos show, and David described last year, BLADE Show is about the people. If not, it is just a bunch of folks geeking-out on hunks of steel. The knife is a connection between craftsman and user, and through our coverage (and our 5 from the Grinder series) we try to help forge the connection between you and the people behind the knives.

Contest runs through 11:59pm (EDT) Monday.


  1. Doug Ritter says:

    A: Seriously, Ethan, I design “folding” knives, not “broken” knives…now can we be done with that already and get this sausage cut up.

  2. cmeat says:

    a: “and now for the final… wait, what do you mean you’re out of saffron?”
    b: “it will kill.”

  3. Erik says:

    A: You have to put your fingers closer together for a “pinch of salt.” That is enough salt to corrode H1.
    B: I guess he was serious about shaving my beard down to a goatee

  4. stuartb says:

    “Ethan, that’s enough with the sausages, let’s clear the table and set those cups out for beer pong.”

    “OK, looser has to work for Gerber”

  5. stuartb says:

    “Keep laughing Clay, but next year March Madness will be mine, all mine!”

  6. cmeat says:

    a: “get out! i eat nine kielbasas before i grind one out too! the rest gets tossed- i just love chopping up veggies.”
    b: “say cheese! the edge always gets a final touch up on a columbia button down.”

  7. Erik says:

    Haven’t seen winners mentioned, did I miss it?

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Caption this (win a knife): Putting Ethan Becker to work…

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