Care and Feeding: Keeping Your Blades Bright and Shiny

Here’s a tip from reader Jose S.:

So we use our knives and, inevitably, the blades get scratched. How do you get them back to its original finish? Pretty simple actually. Most all production knives these days are have a “scrub pad” finish, applied vertically from spine to edge on the blade. If yours does, all you need are some Scotch-Brite scouring pads at the grocery store . . .

Get the pad wet and run the knife spine first on the pad using single passes that match the grooves of the vertical finish. If the scratches are too deep, then first make a few passes with some 320 grit wet and dry sand paper (wet, of course) and with the same single, vertical passes. After it looks smooth and even, apply a coat of Flitz polish and your blade will look brand new.


  1. Mark N. says:

    So what do you do if you have a scrub pad finish and absolutely want to get rid of it?

    1. JAS says:

      I’ve done that to some knives as well when I want a mirror finish. It’s a bit more involved and time consuming but not that difficult. It involved using wet and dry sandpaper in finer and finer grits going from 320 to 2000. I use the foam pad used for sanding cars so that the sandpaper conforms to the shape of the blade:

      I lay it flat on the workbench rather than holding it in the hand for more control.

      After the 2000 grit I use my Dremel with a polishing wheel and a car finishing compound. This is not “rubbing compound”, it’s finer. I finally follow that with some Flitz on another polishing wheel.

      I did that to a Spyderco Honeybee with custom coral scales and here is the result:

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Care and Feeding: Keeping Your Blades Bright and Shiny

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