Ask A Knifemaker: The Truth About Rust

It’s happened to you before. You go into the drawer and pick up a knife you haven’t carried in a while and the moment you open it up… RUST! But how?! This is stainless steel! Well ladies and gentlemen corrosion comes in many forms for us fans of the edged tool. I’ll be discussing today […]

Ask A Knifemaker: The Truth About Damascus steel

Brandon asks: Can you help me understand all of these Damascus steel knives I keep seeing?  They look gorgeous, but are they just for looks?  Would one of these make for a good all-around knife? Well, that’s a complicated question. First, let’s do a little freshening up on what exactly “Damascus steel” is. Damascus, Wootz, and […]

Project Kephart: Part 3

When I opened my mailbox yesterday, I was thrilled to find a heavy envelope from Woods Bladeworks.  Will Woods, TTAK’s knifemaker-in-residence, has been collaborating with me on my first attempt at knife construction. For those of you who are new to the site, Project Kephart was born out of a conversation I had had with Will […]

Project Kephart: Part 1

When I woke up this morning I didn’t imagine that, before the end of the day, I’d embark on a knife building project. As fate would have it, the Great Smoky Mountains Association – an organization of which I am a member, was giving away a Limited Edition custom Kephart knife made by Glen Brooks […]