Happy Switchblade-Day Michigan!

Effective today, October 10th, 2017-  under Michigan law automatic knives are legal for carry in the state. The bill, which was signed in July, had been subject to a 90-day waiting period before going into effect. This law does not legalize certain knife styles such as daggers and stilettos, and Michigan does not have a preemption law, […]

Victory!: Switchblade legalization signed in Illinois (for FOID holders only)

I admit I was not overly optimistic given Illinois’ well-deserved reputation as a hoplophobic nightmare. However, Governor Rauner has signed SB607 which legalizes automatic knives, effective immediately. This only applies to those with a Firearm Owner ID card, and without a state knife preemption law there is still a patchwork of local restrictions to contend […]