Happy Armistice Day

I will take “Veterans Day” if you prefer. I think in America, we have rounded a corner. There was a time in America (at least so I am told) that veterans were not treated with much respect. I think, for a while now, the general culture has been pro-vet. As a veteran, I am appreciative […]

Berkeley, Charlottesville, and “Lesser” Weapons.

Welcome Instapundit Readers. Thank you Prof. Reynolds for sending them our way. Our mission at TTAK is to combine the best knife reviews on the Internet with news, politics, humor, and culture from the knife world. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@knifetruth), orInstagram (@knifetruth), if you are so inclined. The Berkeley protests/riots/battle/whatever was a little over half a year […]

The Sword of Islam

  Weapons are often symbols. They can take on meaning beyond the purposes they were created for. Such is the case with blades and the second largest religion on earth. Muhammad was a military and political leader as well as a religious one. He and his army employed various blades throughout his life – so […]