Some video tributes to the Puukko

The Finnish Puukko is one of the more versatile and recognizable regional knife styles in the world. It is equally well suited to woodcraft and game processing, and has been a fixture on the hips of Finnish soldiers, partisans, and civilians for decades. For those looking to learn more about this iconic knife style, we […]

Clarifying Boy Scout knife policy…

“Today, though, BSA Health and Safety team lead Richard Bourlon announced a new knife policy that changes things a bit. For the first time in the organization’s history, the BSA is mandating a maximum blade length for knives used within Scouting. The magic number: 60 inches. The policy is effective beginning today, April 1, 2013. […]

Obscure Machete Martial-Art form

  I have been sitting on this for awhile. I am not entirely sure what to make of it. I do know there are many obscure martial arts like this one around the world. I also know that for many around around said world, a machete is about all a man can afford. What I […]

A reader tip on an $80 American-made fixed blade

Reader “Cmeat” is one of our most regular commentors, especially when he has an amusing caption or opinion to share. He is definitely the reader who most frequently makes me laugh out loud. He writes: “Knife porn sends me chasing rabbits, to paraphrase your description. Perhaps your readers might be interested in a mid- tech […]