Video: How to survive a knife attack

I have a couple of years of Krav Maga training under my figurative belt now, and thus I have been studying knife defense. I don’t know who this guy is, but he meets WEB Griffin’s definition of a Genius – namely “How much you agree with him”. I agree wholeheartedly. This simple technique works in […]

Irresponsible Knife Use? Or Pinterest win?

Hey all, I guided yesterday and coached 2 lacrosse games in the evening. I was wrecked by the time the kids went to bed last night and fell behind in writing. In an effort to reset the egg timer I bring you the image above. It just passed my feed this morning and I am […]

Swiss Chef’s forgotten knives prompt train shutdown

Upon reading the headline from, I was inclined to believe shutting down and evacuating a train over a forgotten knife roll was a bit overboard. That was until reading that the knives were in a case with “Explosives” stickers plastered to it. OK, maybe it was prudent after all. St. Gallen canton (state) police […]

The Weapons Of Stranger Things

*Warning spoilers for Stranger Things Seasons 1 & 2. The Netflix show Stranger Things is all the rage these days. It is fairly original while borrowing from several 80’s movie classics. What it surprisingly manages to be is very pro-empowerment and pro-weapon. Let me count the ways . . . Likable jock Steve Harrington wields […]