The Ultimate Fish-Knife

We are not talking about a hand-crafted Yanagi ba from Murray Carter, though that would be a wonderful tool to use. This knife is literally the Ultimate Fish-knife. It is made from dried, hardened tuna. From Sploid: Katsuobushi—repeatedly smoked, fermented fish—holds the record as the hardest food on earth, bearing more in common by the end of […]

Leatherman introduces TREAD Tempo timepiece

I still would like to pick up a Leatherman TREAD wearable multitool. The cool factor is off the charts, even if the reviews have been somewhat mixed. The one thing that the original TREAD lacked was a timepiece option. Well wait no longer. The Leatherman TREAD Tempo is one of two new additions to the […]

KAI Announces Warehouse Sale: December 1-3, 2017

If you are a knife enthusiast, especially one living in the Tualatin, OR area, you are probably aware of the annual KAI Warehouse Sale. If you are new to the knife community, KAI is the parent company for the brands Kershaw, Zero Tolerance, and Shun (Japanese kitchen knives). Their annual Warehouse Sale is somewhat legendary. […]