An Oyster-knife for a good cause…

I admit that I am not a big fan of oysters. I find them slightly revolting in fact. That said, I understand their role as a bellweather specie with regards to water quality and overall health of an ecosystem. I know some of the folks involved in restoring the oyster beds in the Chesapeake Bay, […]

ESEE’s Expat Cleaver gets some love from Outside Magazine

Wes Siler, brought his Indefinitely Wild  blog from Gawker over to the Outside umbrella.While he sometimes ventures into the realm of partisan politics or takes a cheap shot at a Presidential candidate, his gear and travel stuff is well written and researched. His “Knife Nerd’s Guide to Pocketknives for Regular People” is a fantastic read and among the most thorough […]

Competitive butchery? Apparently it’s a thing.

Today I learned, though I am not entirely surprised, that there is a World Butchers’ Challenge, which will next take place in 2018 in Belfast. Between this World Cup competition, countries’ National Butchery Teams compete in test matches, just as they would in soccer, rugby, or cricket. Like any of these “friendly” competitions, the rivalries […]