Sunday Long-Read: How Japanese Knives Are Made

The full title of this wonderful article is How Japanese Knives Are Made: Behind the Scenes With Master Forgers . It begins with a relatively thorough primer on the basics of Japanese knives, and then it dives deeper in to the manufacturing process by focusing on the forgers of a unique cooperative of knifemakers in Echizen, Japan. From […]

Video: Forging a katana from a coil spring

It has been a while since I have been sucked into a time-lapse forging video, but this one got me. It is by Jake Fowler of Jake’s Custom Knives. Jake is a 22 year old maker who seems to specialize in forging blades from reclaimed steel. His “About Jake” page is really thorough, and apparently […]

Knifemaking Rabbi is a Master at crafting and using steel

Having grown up on the east-side of Cleveland, Ohio, I am more than casually familiar with the traditions of Orthodox Judaism – at least by Tennessee standards. There is a sizable population in Cleveland Heights and neighboring communities. Families walking to Friday evening services were a common site, as were Jewish-owned bakeries, butcher-shops, tailors, and […]