Knifemaking Rabbi is a Master at crafting and using steel

Having grown up on the east-side of Cleveland, Ohio, I am more than casually familiar with the traditions of Orthodox Judaism – at least by Tennessee standards. There is a sizable population in Cleveland Heights and neighboring communities. Families walking to Friday evening services were a common site, as were Jewish-owned bakeries, butcher-shops, tailors, and […]

Knives in Cinema redux

Happy Boxing Day to our Anglotype friends. I am chilling at home with my son, watching El Dorado. I have broached the topic of bad-ass knife users in cinema before, and have always held Red (James Coburn) in Magnificent Seven as the king. I don’t know if James Caan’s Mississippi in El Dorado knocks Coburn from the […]

The greatest balisong ever?

A skateboard balisong. Betcha didn’t see this coming:   But wait there’s more. Here is the extended version, complete with an OTF auto-board, a giant scissors board, and several more.   These guys mix skateboards and balisongs in an entirely different way.   What could possibly go wrong?

A profile of Knifemaking Legend Rick Hinderer

I remember seeing copies of Crain’s Cleveland Business of the end-table in my Grandfather’s office reception area. It brings back memories of cigar-smoke and leather chairs, and would be the last place I would expect to see a profile of knifemaking legend Rick Hinderer. From Crain’s Cleveland Business:  Hinderer started out as a one-man shop, […]