What Would Adrian Paul Do?

For those of you who do not know, there is a famous film and TV franchise named “The Highlander“. It revolves around “immortals” who do not age and who take each other’s heads in the hope of becoming “The One”. The first movie was great, the rest generally sucked. However, the TV series is where […]

Knifemaking Rabbi is a Master at crafting and using steel

Having grown up on the east-side of Cleveland, Ohio, I am more than casually familiar with the traditions of Orthodox Judaism – at least by Tennessee standards. There is a sizable population in Cleveland Heights and neighboring communities. Families walking to Friday evening services were a common site, as were Jewish-owned bakeries, butcher-shops, tailors, and […]

Knives in Cinema redux

Happy Boxing Day to our Anglotype friends. I am chilling at home with my son, watching El Dorado. I have broached the topic of bad-ass knife users in cinema before, and have always held Red (James Coburn) in Magnificent Seven as the king. I don’t know if James Caan’s Mississippi in El Dorado knocks Coburn from the […]

The greatest balisong ever?

A skateboard balisong. Betcha didn’t see this coming:   But wait there’s more. Here is the extended version, complete with an OTF auto-board, a giant scissors board, and several more.   These guys mix skateboards and balisongs in an entirely different way.   What could possibly go wrong?