Knife Review: Kershaw Method

I have been a fan of Kershaw Knives ever since I bought my first Leek. The Blackwash finish and composite D-2 blade make it among the most elegant looking of my knives. It is my “Gentleman’s Folder” of choice. About 2 months ago I received the Jens Anso designed Kershaw Method from the folks at […]

(Guest) Knife Review: Jeo Tec Model #7

When Reader “Switchblade” writes a review, he goes all out. Well maybe he is slipping a little. His review of the Cudeman “Green Beret Cadet” had 52 images.  This one only has 36. I am joking of course. I couldn’t be more happy to include Switch’s work alongside our regular writers. This is another great […]

Knife Review: Kershaw Atmos

I have never been a flick/flipper guy when it came to knives. I thought it was a bit cheesy and unnecessary. Part of my reluctance rested on the fact I was never that good at it – part of that was because of the knives I had tried. I always thought that if I wanted […]