CRKT Halfachance revisited

In my role at TTAK, I spend an awful lot of time chopping wood with knives which may or may not be a proper tool for the task. For instance, I recently hacked a great deal of brush and vines when I reviewed the ESEE Junglas II. That knife is more than up to anything […]

Knife Review: ESEE Junglas 2

I have been using the ESEE Junglas 2 for about 6 weeks now, and I can safely say this is a chopper, with great slicing manners. Or is it a cutter with great chopping ability? How about both? Stipulating the fact that I have not done more than hold the original Junglas, I think the […]

Hogue X1-Microflip Update: No More Dealbreakers

When I first reviewed the Hogue X1-Microflip, there was one thing keeping me from making a full-throated endorsement: the light button lock presented some safety issues. Good news is that Hogue had already initiated a revision to the knife, introducing a stronger spring and lower profile button to alleviate those issues. I’ve spent the last […]

Knife Review: Sean McWilliams Model 1

Sean McWilliams has made a career doing what many, including the American Bladesmith Society and others, do not recommend doing – forging stainless steel. Knifemaking legend Wayne Goddard says, “It isn’t worth the hassle”. Stainless has a very narrow temperature for forging. Too cool, and you develop cracks when you hammer it, too hot and […]