GOT Star has real-life knife skills

I am a basic-cable Luddite. If it weren’t for live sports, I would have ditched it entirely. So I haven’t seen Game of Thrones. The only two actors I know from the show are Sean Bean (I love the Sharpes movies) and the little-person who was also in Elf. So I do not know who Maisie Williams is, […]


We all know who they are. We all have them. That annoying person that we have to deal with at our place of work. The guy or gal that you would swear was placed on the earth for the sole reason of driving you to the frayed edge of sanity. The metaphorical booger you can’t […]

TTAK visits ESEE/Rowen Manufacturing

It has been two weeks to the day (at the time of this writing) since I had the privilege of visiting Rowen Manufacturing, the manufacturing partner for ESEE Knives. Rowen makes all of ESEE’s fixed-blade knives in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  ESEE is the knife offshoot of Randall’s Adventure Training, and rather than butcher the specifics […]