Know Your Knives: The Steak Knife

Most of have probably never thought about the origin of the steak knife. I know I haven’t, but in times of old, the steak knife would have been superfluous. In medieval times, before the widespread adoption of the fork, a sharp knife was the primary implement for consuming meals. At least until events set into […]

Know your knives: The Finnish Puukko

There is an axiom in the knife world that as a general rule blades get longer and thicker the closer one gets to the equator. One of the most iconic knives from the Northern end of the spectrum is the Finnish puukko. From The puukko is a Finnish knife, and the name lends itself to the […]

Today I Learned: The Knife-Capital of France

While Savoie, home of Opinel might disagree, the Town of Thiers is frequently referred to as “The Cutlery Capital of France”. More than 2/3 of all domestic French knives are produced here. There is a knifemaking tradition here that dates back 500 years or more. The main street is dotted with boutique knife shops, featuring works […]

Walter Sorrells Video: Grind geometry explained

Will Woods began the discussion with his Truth About Blade Shapes: Flat Bevel Grinds and The Truth About Tantos, but knifemaker Walter Sorrells tackles the subject with his usual clear explanations and visual demonstrations. In his latest video, Walter discusses flat, hollow, convex, chisel, and other specialty grinds. Enjoy and be informed.

Know your Knives: The Yakut knife of Russia

The Yakutia region of northern Russia is home to a unique style of knife. Developed by people who carve an existence out of the frozen tundra, these knives are the end result of centuries of refinement of use by people who depend on them for their survival. From SiberianTimes: In Yakutia, they call these knives […]