Trio of knife law reform bills introduced in state legislatures

Knife Rights is back at work in 2018, looking to improve upon the wildly successful 2017 campaign. They just issued a press release announcing the filing of knife law reform bills in 3 states – Mississippi, Virginia, and Washington. From Knife Rights: Mississippi Knife Law Reform Bill Introduced  Mississippi Representative Gary Staples has introduced HB 924, […]

Sneak Peek: Knife Magazine February 2018 issue

Unlike that other time of the month, this time of the month is looked forward to by one and all – our monthly sneak peek at the cover and table of contents of the Knife Magazine February 2018 issue. Knife Magazine Publisher Mark Zalesky will be attending the SHOT Show, as will TTAG heffe Robert Farago. I […]

Canada Knife Ban: Two views from the Great White North

For those of you who might have missed the news, the Canada Border Services Agency issued a ruling which bans the importation of any folding knife that can be opened with a centrifugal flip. Basically, any one-hand opening or assisted knife is now verboten. While this might be just a cautionary tale for those of […]

Open Thread 1/14/18 (UPDATED)

Howdy folks. As promised, here is an update to last night’s post. Newest links at the top, original post below. A COUPLE OF THESE ARE COOL:     MORE LISTICLES: Everyday Commentary’s Top Gear of 2017.   GHASTLY: Travel agent stabbed to death at work in front of customers Police have launched a murder investigation […]