Knife or Death premieres tonight on History Channel

If you have been watching Forged in Fire or other History Channel programs lately you have seen the commercials for the Knife or Death premiere tonight at 10pm EDT. I take this as an incredibly good sign. It means that the success of Forged has coat-tails. I believe that the best way to counter the […]

Gunny Ermey has passed away

Movie icon and giant of the Second Amendment community, R. Lee Ermey passed away this morning. He was 74. The public at large knows him as the Drill Sergeant in Full Metal Jacket. History Channel fans further knew him as host of the long running series Mail Call. Knife people also know him as a […]

Sunday Funny: London Falling Edition

It has been a heck of a week for those who follow knives in the news. While we usually toil away in our little niche, from time to time knives cross over into popular culture. That is the case and then some, with every UK-related post getting slammed, both new posts and those from our […]