Spree stabbing in Austria wounds 4; arrest made

There was a spree stabbing in Vienna Austria Wednesday night, which left 3 members of the same family seriously injured. A 4th man nearby was also stabbed. From Time.com: “According to eyewitnesses a man has attacked three persons — a man, his wife and their adult daughter,” police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer told The Associated Press. […]

500 year old katana found in shrine’s “attic”

My attic is only full of cellulose insulation and vacuum bags of old clothes. It hasn’t produced so much as a small knife, let alone a 500 year old samurai sword. The attic of the Kasuga Taisha shrine is much, much cooler than mine. From JapanForward.com: The sword appears to be in very good condition, showing […]

Secular Bangladeshi scholar stabbed during lecture

Local police official Shafiqul Islam said the attacker stood behind Zafar Iqbal and started stabbing him in the head during a seminar at a public university campus in Sylhet where he teaches electronic and electrical engineering. Iqbal was flown to a military hospital in Dhaka. He will survive despite massive bleeding, according to doctors. The […]

Open Thread 3/3/18

Good evening folks. I have been late in getting this out, so I packed it extra-full. Enjoy… (and caption the photo at the top if you are so inclined…) GEAR JUNKIES TOP KNIVES OF SHOT 2018: Worth a look   SHOULD HAVE BEEN A DEFENSIVE GUN USE: Bikini Barista assaulted by knife wielding scumbag. From […]