UK Surgeon calls out Trump on London knife comments

A senior British surgeon has taken umbrage with President Trump’s NRA speech pointing out the  London is “Like a war zone with knives”. From BBC: In a statement released by Barts NHS Trust, he said: “We are proud of the excellent trauma care we provide and of our violence reduction programmes. “The Royal London Hospital has cut […]

Just Arrived: Dogwood Custom Kephart Knife reproduction

If you don’t know the backstory, stop reading now and read David’s piece on examining the only privately held Colclesser Brothers Kephart Knife. That knife belongs to none other than Ethan Becker. The other, Kephart’s personal knife, resides in a museum collection at Western Carolina University. Dan Eastland of Dogwood Custom Knives is one of […]

Spree stabbing at Chinese secondary school kills 7

B.b.b.but guns…or something. Seems like draconian restrictions on firearms do not prevent mass killing. Again. Still. This time in China (Again. Still), a 28 year old former student returned to the school in Shaanxi Province and began stabbing students as they departed for home. From BBC: Their preliminary assessment is that he was motivated to […]