London Mayor grilled by radio host over out-of-control violence

Despite their rampant hoplophobia, one thing the Brits get right is their holding of political figures to account. Most famously, the Prime Minister regularly stands in front of the House of Commons and faces pointed questioning and more than a little heckling from the assembled Parliamentarians. Similarly, the British press does a much better job […]

Open Thread 1/4/18

It is the first time I have written (typed) the year, and I got it right. Small victories. I have had a hard time staying on top of the backlog with the kids home, but here is a bunch of the backlog. Talk amongst yourselves…   NEW FROM WHITE RIVER: Kydex Survival Sheath (via AmmoLand) […]

TTAK’s TOP 10 of 2017

I saw that the folks at The Truth About Guns have been running a countdown of  2017’s Top 10 posts, and while I don’t have the free writing time to run multiple posts on the subject, I figured that a review of TTAK’s Top 10 of 2017 might be a fun exercise. The Mothership is […]

Swiss Chef’s forgotten knives prompt train shutdown

Upon reading the headline from, I was inclined to believe shutting down and evacuating a train over a forgotten knife roll was a bit overboard. That was until reading that the knives were in a case with “Explosives” stickers plastered to it. OK, maybe it was prudent after all. St. Gallen canton (state) police […]

Open Thread 12/20/17

Only 5 more days until Christmas. How many of you are giving or are expecting steel this year? My kids are both getting their very own Mora Eldrises (Eldri?). But that is about it in the Aalders Household. With regards to the photo above…“Mad Jack” Churchill would have made an excellent Ranger. Image of the […]