The Budget Blade Show Perspective

(Editor’s Note: We at TTAK are happy to welcome our newest contributor – Tim Stetzer. David and I have known Tim for several years now, in my case first meeting him at Dogwood Dan Eastland’s Saturday night dinner party. He is a respected freelance writer, with work appearing in the former Tactical Knives magazine, Knives […]

Knife Review: Kershaw Atmos

I have never been a flick/flipper guy when it came to knives. I thought it was a bit cheesy and unnecessary. Part of my reluctance rested on the fact I was never that good at it – part of that was because of the knives I had tried. I always thought that if I wanted […]

Canadians (politely) fight back against knife import ban

Canadians aren’t going to take the de facto folding knife import ban lying down. In fact, they are so angry about this, they are refusing to apologize for being mad. According to our friend Alex Antoniou, purveyor of and resident of “The Shwah” (Oshawa, ONT), some Canadians are showing the true Canadian grit of minor-league hockey […]

Nightly Knife Porn: Slipjoint addiction edition I have already paid homage to David’s Nessmuks, and to my own favorite Canadian Belt Knives, so tonight I thought I would give a shout-out to Jake Middleton, part-time TTAK writer, and passionate slipjoint aficionado. Jake has been quiet on the blog lately, but he is hardly living a quiet life. He has a […]