Question of the Day: Do you cleaver?

I am not sure what to think of cleaver style blades. I understand their role in breaking down whole carcasses, their heft and edge profile make them ideal for copping through joints, and not minding the occasional strike against a bone. However, cleaver style blades are showing up not just on large knives like the […]

Open Question: Melee Weapon of Choice?

How much of a role (if any) do weapons, that are not firearms, play in your personal defense? By personal, I mean “you” singular as well as those around you (including family). For me they play a small role but it is there. Inside about seven feet is where blades and impact weapons come in. […]

What Steels Do You Avoid?

We are truly living in a golden age for cutlery. There is a knife out there for everyone. From the working poor to the well-heeled collector, there are worthwhile and useful knives at every price point across the spectrum. Which leads to this question: since we are spoiled for choice, what steels out there aren’t […]