Troll Level: Master – Anytown for Knife Safety

In the great meme war between the hoplophobes versus those who wish to keep their naturally-derived and Constitutionally-enshrined right to bear the edged tools of your choosing, there exists a true keyboard warrior. I am referring to the master of snark that is behind the Facebook page “Anytown for Knife Safety“. Riffing off the Nanny-Bloomberg-funded […]

Opinel to introduce an OTF Automatic

Opinel has been branching out in the past couple of years, most notably with the No. 12 Explore – a polymer handled “Survival” Opinel with built in strap cutter/gut hook, ferro-rod, and emergency whistle. They are apparently looking to depart even further from their traditional roots, with a new OTF automatic. And if you actually […]

Sunday Funny: Knife Fail Compilation

I am working on some other posts but thought I would send this along for your viewing enjoyment. It is, as the title says, a compilation video of blade-related fails. I have seen and even shared some of these before, but there is enough new here to keep one amused it they are time-wasting.   […]

Sunday Funny: Baton It All!

Our article “In Defense of Batoning” was one of the first things I wrote for The Truth About Knives. I think the subject is probably the most divisive in knifedom (with the occasional detour into Cold Steel Lawsuit Land). To this day we still get the occasional comment on that post… usually slamming me or […]