Troll Level: Master – Anytown for Knife Safety

In the great meme war between the hoplophobes versus those who wish to keep their naturally-derived and Constitutionally-enshrined right to bear the edged tools of your choosing, there exists a true keyboard warrior. I am referring to the master of snark that is behind the Facebook page “Anytown for Knife Safety“. Riffing off the Nanny-Bloomberg-funded […]

Opinel to introduce an OTF Automatic

Opinel has been branching out in the past couple of years, most notably with the No. 12 Explore – a polymer handled “Survival” Opinel with built in strap cutter/gut hook, ferro-rod, and emergency whistle. They are apparently looking to depart even further from their traditional roots, with a new OTF automatic. And if you actually […]

Sunday Funny: Knife Fail Compilation

I am working on some other posts but thought I would send this along for your viewing enjoyment. It is, as the title says, a compilation video of blade-related fails. I have seen and even shared some of these before, but there is enough new here to keep one amused it they are time-wasting.   […]