Japan is running out of Ninjas; Applicants needed.

One would think that this would fall under the hashtag of “#15thCenturyProblems”, but apparently this particular situation is rooted in the very real 21st century demographic crisis occurring in Japan. It is not the place of this blog to dive into the causes and ramifications of the macro-issues facing the Japanese population, but there this […]

Divers discover 500 year old sword in Norwegian lake

I first came across the news of this remarkable find from a Norwegian source, and it was a bit comical in its details. From TheLocal.no: A sword found by divers in Mjøsa, Norway’s largest lake, may have belonged to a powerful person in the 1500s. The sword is likely to have been used in battle […]

The Budget Blade Show Perspective

(Editor’s Note: We at TTAK are happy to welcome our newest contributor – Tim Stetzer. David and I have known Tim for several years now, in my case first meeting him at Dogwood Dan Eastland’s Saturday night dinner party. He is a respected freelance writer, with work appearing in the former Tactical Knives magazine, Knives […]

Video: Forging a katana from a coil spring

It has been a while since I have been sucked into a time-lapse forging video, but this one got me. It is by Jake Fowler of Jake’s Custom Knives. Jake is a 22 year old maker who seems to specialize in forging blades from reclaimed steel. His “About Jake” page is really thorough, and apparently […]

What Would Adrian Paul Do?

For those of you who do not know, there is a famous film and TV franchise named “The Highlander“. It revolves around “immortals” who do not age and who take each other’s heads in the hope of becoming “The One”. The first movie was great, the rest generally sucked. However, the TV series is where […]