I am barely familiar with One America Network. From what I gather it is for people whom Fox News isn’t right wing enough. I don’t know. I don’t really care. I have tuned out of pretty much all televised news. One of their anchors, Liz Wheeler, had a pretty epic rant about Sadiq Khan’s recent […]

From Benchmade and BladeHQ: Knives and Card tricks

I had time for another quick post this evening, and it is worth the 2 minutes of your time. Apparently BladeHQ is giving away sets of Benchmade playing cards with Benchmade purchases over $150. They made a promotional video for the promotion. Which is about as trippy as the video of knives and card tricks. […]

Big Chris Berry featured on “Behind the Awesome”

Our friend Big Chris Berry had his brush with internet stardom last year, when the video of his winning run at the Bladesports Middle Tennessee Cut went viral. Both the video on the People Are Awesome page and a humorous parody by the Ozzy Man have more than 1.6 Million views apiece. Video: Big Chris Berry wins […]

Some video tributes to the Puukko

The Finnish Puukko is one of the more versatile and recognizable regional knife styles in the world. It is equally well suited to woodcraft and game processing, and has been a fixture on the hips of Finnish soldiers, partisans, and civilians for decades. For those looking to learn more about this iconic knife style, we […]