I don’t think I have seen his more eloquently put.

In my piece the other night, I referred to the adage: “The Second Amendment is there to protect the First”. While I still completely agree, I think the above makes the point in a way that is both more starkly profound, but removes grammatical nuance of analyzing the clause structure of an 18th century document. It lends the idea a universality that applies beyond the land that I am blessed to call home. It makes it in a way that is almost impossible for the hoplophobes to counter. (though their capacity for self-delusion and mental contortion never cease to amaze).

I will be back to knives tonight. I am working on a couple of things that might end up bundled. I just wanted to check in and figured that was worth actually sharing to the blog.

h/t Weapon Outfitters via Facebook.


  1. Mark says:

    Indeed it was. Thanks for sharing.

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