Chief of Olympic Security attacked by knife-wielding assailants


From Mirror

Despite assurances that the crime-plagued city of Rio “would be the safest place on Earth” during the games, there have been several high-profile incidents, two involving foreign diplomats, and even more embarrassing – the Brazilian official responsible for Olympic security was himself attacked by a gang of knife-wielding assailants as he left the opening ceremony.

From UK Mirror:

The Olympics security chief was attacked as he left the Games opening ceremony by a knife-wielding robber who was shot dead by a cop.

Felipe Seixas was walking to his car near the Maracanã Stadium early on Saturday when he was set upon by four men brandishing knives.

A policeman with him shot one of the assailants dead and the others fled…

…Seixas is a senior official in Brazil’s federal police, which performs a similar role to the FBI. He was seconded to a federal body formed to protect the Olympics.

The dead robber was named as Ronaldo Fagner Marques de Souza, 22, who had criminal convictions for theft and drug dealing.

There have been other incidents as well. Mirror continues…

Meanwhile Portugal’s Minister of Education was robbed at knifepoint as he headed back to his hotel from the Olympic cycling road race.

Tiago Brandao Rodrigues, 39, was stopped by a man brandishing a blade near his hotel in Ipanema on Saturday afternoon.

He and aide Rita Roque were forced to hand over cash and mobiles

The mugger fled after taking their valuables but was intercepted by locals who held him until police arrived and reunited the visiting politician and his advisor with their belongings.

Turns out the perp had to make a visit to the hospital as said locals were none to gentle with him. As the Blogfather likes to say, “The police are as much or more there to protect the criminals from the public” or something close to that.

Speaking of taking things into one’s hands, I shared the following story to Facebook as opposed to here because it didn’t involve a knife. However, it seems appropriate now.

From Deadspin:

Russian diplomat Marcos Cesar Feres Braga disarmed and shot to death a man who attempted to rob him while he waited in traffic after the Olympic torch relay today, according to Globo.

According to police, one suspect broke the driver’s window with the gun and the vice-consul reacted. The diplomat, who is trained in jiu-jitsu, took the criminal gun and shot him.

The robber died on the scene, and the accomplice apparently escaped. Braga was traveling with his wife and daughter, who were reportedly not injured.

The attempted robbery took place on one of the main thoroughfares between the downtown Rio and the Olympic Park, fairly close to the Olympic golf course.

Update 11:52 p.m. EDT: According to Folha, the man who was assaulted was not an employee of the Russian consulate, but was apparently impersonating one.

Whaddaya know? It was cooler when I shared it the other night before the update. It had a sort-of Bond quality to it. Still a baddass move on the part of Feres Braga.

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Chief of Olympic Security attacked by knife-wielding assailants

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