Chinese Knife Attack of the Day. Yes, knives kill people too.


Photo of alleged spree-stabber in Fuzhou, China.

Stories of mass knife attacks in China are nothing new. In this latest incident, a 26 year old killed 2 and wounded a 3rd outside a supermarket in Fuzhou, China. One of the victims was actually a 56 year old police officer (no word on if he was one of the newly armed ones), and it was an angry mob who subdued and hogtied the perp.

From the South China Morning Post:

“The assailant, wielding a 20cm-long fruit knife, hacked a man on the first floor of the Yonghui Supermarket along Xihong Road before running into the street and stabbing two bystanders in a swift attack yesterday evening, witnesses told the Southeastern Express.

Among the fatalities was a 56-year-old police officer but the identity of the other killed was unknown. One of those stabbed, a woman in her 40s, was seriously injured.

The attacker was immediately chased by two supermarket employees and a restaurant owner who saw the street stabbing.

The knifeman was able to run 50 metres away before someone threw a chair and hit him. He then tried to take out a knife but was wrestled to the ground by the mob, with his head pinned down and his hands bound behind his back.”

There is no indication of the attacker’s motive. Many of these Chinese killings are the work of Muslim separatists of Uighur ethnic origin. Some have been the work of the mentally ill. we are unlikely to get a straight answer from Chinese State media anyway.

It may come as news to hoplophobe Cliff Schecter of the Daily Beast, but there have been multiple attacks in China (here, here) with death tolls over 20. Schecter cited the fatality-free knife attack the same day as the Newtown killings to fetishize one particular class of inanimate object in a hoplophobic rant following this weekend’s UCSB killing spree. In it he says that gun-rights supporters are wrong for highlighting the other tools that the madman used (he killed 3 with a knife or knives and ran down 2 bicyclists with his car). I wonder if Mr Schecter has ever used a pressure cooker.


Left: My Fagor pressure cooker. Right: Not my Fagor pressure cooker.


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Chinese Knife Attack of the Day. Yes, knives kill people too.

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