Chocolate Swiss Army Knives: Not For School Lunches

Image courtesy thecoolist.comThere are no such things as specialized knives for cutting Swiss chocolate (at least not that I know of) and nobody has figured out how to heat-treat milk chocolate to a Rockwell hardness of 54-58. So these aren’t really chocolate knives, but rather knife-shaped chocolates. And I’m ashamed I didn’t find them in time for Mother’s Day, but at least Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Kind of . . .

These Victorinox-branded Swiss chocolates might not be the best choice for an in-flight snack or a child’s school lunch, but you’ve gotta admit the knife maker has some pretty clever marketing guys. They managed to combine two of Switzerland’s most iconic products. If they could have somehow added ethically questionable banking practices into the mix, they would have made a perfect Helvetic trifecta.


  1. Robert Farago says:

    Don’t forget father’s day . . .

  2. jwm says:

    Ya had me at chocolate. There’s a reason I’m an OFWG. Well, more than 1 but chocolate has it’s place in the equation.

  3. supergrover says:

    but there’s no watch!

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Chocolate Swiss Army Knives: Not For School Lunches

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