Christmas in July: Nordsmith Pilgrim arrives for testing

If you missed David’s earlier post, the Pilgrim – Nordsmith Knives second public release, has begun to ship. It has been fun watching my esteemed Associate Editor launch his own knife brand over the past year. This, along with his Canteen Knife, are the physical manifestations of David’s years of experience as a knife user and reviewer. Many of us can describe what we like, don’t like, and would like to see in our ideal knife. David is getting to put this into practice as he begins his career as a knife designer.

During my Blade Show 2017 coverage, I made the statement, “I just don’t need another 4″ bushcraft knife at the moment”. This is still true, I don’t need one. However, I purchased the Pilgrim because I want to support David. The fact that his first run of each design get stamped with a “1st” mark made me want to get in on the IPO of this blade the way I did with the Canteen. I imagine that I will likely do so for each of his subsequent offerings as well.

I still need to get out and put the knife through its paces, but I have a couple of initial impressions to share.

The Pilgrim is produced by LT Wright Knives, and the construction and finish are what one would expect from such a well respected company. The handle is robust, comfortably filling my medium-sized hand. It balances well, is extremely sharp, and feels lively in the hand. The relatively high grind should make it a solid slicer – more versatile than a scandi-ground bush knife, and its thick spine ought to lend itself well to the kind of heavy use required of a knife one would take to the woods.

I wore it around the house for most of the afternoon yesterday, and the leather sheath hangs comfortably from my belt (it is a standard tube-style LT Wright sheath). I am already looking forward to carrying it on my next family hiking trip into the Smoky Mountains.

For obvious reasons, I am a little biased towards my friend and blogging partner, but I am happy with my purchase – made with personal funds. I hope that over the years you all have come to appreciate my objectivity in evaluating a knife. I put my reputation on the line when I recommend this Sophomore effort from Nordsmith Knives (or any knife for that matter). I will not baby this knife, and I will include plenty of pictures of it in action as I begin to test it.

Nordsmith Family Photo

Well done David.

You can read the official particulars of the knife here.


  1. Sam L. says:

    It’s a slick piece of work, but too rich for my wallet.

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Christmas in July: Nordsmith Pilgrim arrives for testing

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