Civil Rights Victory: Colorado Governor signs gravity-knife/switchblade-ban repeal.

The bill goes into effect in August

I must admit that I was not as confident as some I spoke with that in the end Governor Hickenlooper would do the right thing and sign the bill. He is the same Governor who in 2013 caved to the civilian-disarmament industry and signed a raft of restrictions on his citizen’s God-given right to keep and bear the arms of their choosing. This time however, the Governor allowed common sense to prevail and restored at least some rights that the State had unjustly infringed upon for decades – he signed the bill repealing Colorado’s ban on “gravity-knives” and automatics (switchblades).

From Knife Rights:

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper on Thursday signed SB 17-008, the bill to repeal Colorado’s switchblade and gravity knife ban. Congratulations to sponsors Sen. Owen Hill and Rep. Steve Lebsock for their effective leadership in moving this bipartisan bill thorough the legislature with overwhelming votes in both houses. Thanks to everyone who called or emailed the Governor urging him to sign the bill.

Knife Rights was pleased to be able to assist the sponsors in moving this bill through the legislature. Knife Rights’ Director of Legislative Affairs, Todd Rathner, traveled to Denver to lobby the bill at the invitation of the sponsors, overcoming objections raised by some legislators. We’d also like to thank Sen. Hill’s constituent, retired Air Force Master Sgt. John Bloodgood, whose request was the inspiration for this bill and who did a great job supporting the bill in testimony at the hearings.

We’d also like to thank the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Colorado and County Sheriffs of Colorado for supporting this important criminal justice reform bill.

Note that the repeal does not become effective until 90 days after the current legislative session ends. That would make enactment approximately August 9, 2017. We will let you know the actual enactment date once the session ends. Until enactment, possession of automatic and gravity knives remains illegal in Colorado. Also worth noting is that once enacted and the ban is repealed, automatic knives will be subject to Colorado’s concealed carry blade length limitation of 3.5 inches or less.
Colorado is the twelfth switchblade ban repeal passed since Knife Rights passed the nation’s first repeal of a switchblade (automatic) knife ban in 2010 in New Hampshire. Since then we have passed repeals of switchblade bans and repealed other knife restrictions in Alaska, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin and now Colorado’s ban is repealed as well.


  1. Jon says:

    Didn’t see this one coming, I thought this was going to be vetoed. Good for Colorado.

  2. Brian says:

    This is great, but until I can carry my bowie however I want in any/all states I am not going to stop. Just a friendly memo to our justice system.

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Civil Rights Victory: Colorado Governor signs gravity-knife/switchblade-ban repeal.

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