Class Up Your Kit With The CRKT ‘Brow Tine’ Hunter

Image courtesy Columbia River Knife And ToolNot everything from CRKT is practical or tactical, and this small gentleman’s hunting knife is a perfect illustration of the knifemaker’s elegant side.

Image courtesy Columbia River Knife And Tool

Designed by Russ Kommer, this 3″ drop-point hunter is shaped as a perfect extension of a user’s index finger. Polished stainless bolsters and hand-finished stag grips give it an exceptionally distinguished look, and the package is completed by this hand-tooled leather sheath. Damn that’s beautiful…

It comes from Taiwan, with a 9Cr18MoV blade that’s mirror-polished and hardened to RHC 58-60. CRKT lists them for $165, but clever internet shoppers can snag one for less than half that including shipping.



  1. Ducky says:

    That is gorgeous. Keep the reviews coming, though my wife is starting to get annoyed with the frequency that I pick up new knives based on the reviews on this site!

  2. Ben Petersen says:

    Hey Chris, thanks for the quick look at the Brow Tine. It’s a gorgeous blade (and sheath) and it’s nice to see it get some press. -Cheers! -Ben, CRKT Digital Marketing Coordinator

  3. Mark Davis says:

    Maybe its just me, but I get sick of seeing knives imported from China and Taiwan with MSRP over $100. If I’m buying a beater, I don’t care where its from. But if I’m going to buy a nice, more expensive knife, it will have “Made in the USA” stamped on it.

    1. Ben Petersen says:

      Hey Mark. We totally respect your buying choices. That said, you should take a close up look at this blade if you ever get the chance. It has features of a custom knife at a price more folks can afford. Check out the tapered tang, detailed mosaic pins and stellar fit and finish. This is the kind of knife that would cost you $500-600 if you bought it from a custom maker. Even though the Brow Tine isn’t USA-made, it’s hard to disregard the fact that it’s a pretty darn cool knife at a great price point.

      1. Mark Davis says:

        Thanks Ben. With all due respect, you should start making your higher end knives in the US of A. Is CRKT making anything onshore these days?

        1. Ben Petersen says:

          Mark, we are currently making our M16-04A auto in the U.S. It’s a great blade. As for manufacturing more in the U.S., it’s important to realize that our entire business model is centered around bringing custom designs to market at an affordable price. This is very difficult to accomplish with U.S. manufacturing. Here’s a good blog post on some of the manufacturing intricacies of the knife industry: Another thing people don’t realize is that our company is owned and operated by Americans. Our senior management and employees live in Oregon– not Finland, Taiwan, Germany, China or Japan. We’re an American company that loves America. While our business model is such that we don’t produce many knives in the U.S., we are pumping our paychecks into the American economy. Our business model supports a wide swath of Americans from printers to accountants, to me sitting here typing. I don’t think we’ll ever adequately please the American-made crowd, but I’m stoked to be part of an organization that was built on the primary components of the American Dream— American blood, sweat and tears.

        2. Mark Davis says:

          Ben – thanks for the follow up. I try to spend my money on US made products wherever possible, so I’m pleased to know that the M-16 04A is made here. I’m also glad to hear that the ownership is US based. Hopefully CRKT will consider manufacturing more models in the US at some stage.

  4. Just bumping this conversation between a reader and Ben from CRKT to the front page comments. I was looking something up and came across this from before my tenure as Editor. Thought it deserved it.

    Ben and the whole CRKT crew are great folks who have been very good to TTAK.

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Class Up Your Kit With The CRKT ‘Brow Tine’ Hunter

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