Cold Steel Knives President Lynn Thompson: Knives Saved Lives On Flight 214

Image: NTSB

Lynn Thompson is the founder and president of Cold Steel Knives. He makes those knife videos that make me alternately laugh and squirm, and he also sent us two big folding hunters we’re still having fun with. (Look for the reviews soon, Lynn!) Lynn also understands exactly the importance of knives as tools in our everyday lives. Here’s an excerpt of an article he penned for the Cold Steel website blog . . .

One of the strangest and most unusual aspects of this plane crash and all of the bizarre accidents that took place during those crucial minutes was that the emergency exit slides that are designed to allow the passengers to escape had inflated inwards within the aircraft! Amidst that cloying smoke, the flames, screams and confusion crucial members of the airline crew were being crushed and suffocated by the slides! Fire crews and Emergency Services battled to reach the wounded passengers through the fire and the smoke, further hampered by this malfunctioning equipment.
As a pilot attempted to reach a “crash axe” from the cockpit, the cabin manager attempted to puncture the tough membrane of the evacuation slide with a butter knife from the food cart!

I don’t want to steal quote his whole article. Click here for the rest, and be assured it’s well worth the jump. When you’re done, come back and watch this video of Lynn hunting buffalo with a spear. Now that’s old school hunting…3,000 year old school hunting, except for that last bit with the huge handgun.




  1. Aharon says:

    Thanks for the link to Lynn’s post on the Cold Steel site “For The Want of a Knife”. It was very good. Great video of the spear throw bouncing right off the bull’s horn and the common-sense need to carry a back-up weapon whether hunting or for self-defense.

  2. Theo says:

    Lynn certainly has haters(I think mostly due to his marketing style), but the guy’s on our side of the 2A issue. This article is right on. I’ve worked as a professional firefighter for 10+ years, and I still get asked why I need an EDC pocket-knife. To quote Zoolander: “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”

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Cold Steel Knives President Lynn Thompson: Knives Saved Lives On Flight 214

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