Columnist to TSA: ” I want my #%&@! knife back!”

 Swiss Army knife (courtesy columnist Robert Kirby is not happy with the Transport Security Administration’s decision to allow small knives on board aircraft. But not for the same reason as the moaning minnies who dread seeing blades on a plane. “In January, TSA agents took the knife from me at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. Less than two months later, Pistole announced it was permissible to carry the exact same knife aboard aircraft . . .  Normally I would just let this go. However, the [Swiss Army knife with a one inch blade] has sentimental value. There’s a nick in the red plastic handle where a dog or a grandchild bit it.” Kirby is not alone . . .

I’m sure the TSA’s taken hundreds of thousands of knives, many if not most of which had some sentimental value to their owners. In some cases, the TSA has mailed the knife back to its owner. In many, not.

It is not fair to take something away from somebody and then turn right around and tell everyone it’s OK to have it. I want my knife. It’s reasonable, right? If President Gerald Ford can pardon Vietnam draft dodgers and give them their freedom back, then TSA can certainly square this with me.

Sorry Bobby, it’s gone. But not forgotten. Nor should it be. This is what happens when governments don’t trust the people who put them in power, and voters encourage their actions from a place of fear, rather than common sense.


  1. 2hotel9 says:

    I would like Parks Police at the Smithsonian to return my Blackie Collins folder I had to drop in the box at the National Art Gallery in 1998. As you said, ain’t a gonna happen.

  2. Brian.Z says:

    They have a very nice multi-tool that I wouldn’t mind getting back, but I know I’m out of luck.

  3. janitor says:

    go on e-bay, i bet those TSA agents would be more than happy to sell them back to you.

  4. Pascal says:

    Because I always have a swiss army knife on me to repair a computer or some hardware my company is flying me out to fix. On two occasions I forgot to check it in my luggage. On both occasions TSA allows me to get out of line and go to a USPS drop box and mail it back to myself. In one case they did not have me wait in the line again. In at least two other occasions, in passed through without anyone questioning the knife in my carry on bag.

    1. Nate says:

      Same. I was flying out of Houston when I forgot to put my Victorinox Executive in my checked bag. They had a little mail box system where I could mail the knife to myself, which I did and almost cost as much as the knife.

      Sucks that so many people lose their knives and then TSA or the airport auctions them off.

  5. Pat says:

    They sell all the ones they steal…er….I mean confiscate.

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Columnist to TSA: ” I want my #%&@! knife back!”

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