Coming Soon from COAST Products: POLYSTEEL Knives


COAST Products will debut their new POLYSTEEL Series Knives at next week’s National Hardware show.

As I have mentioned, I am attempting to expand my horizons in the knife world. One area in which I am putting a concerted effort is in learning about new manufacturers beyond the Benchmades, Spydercos, Cases, and Bucks with which I am already fairly familiar. Dan Zimmerman sent me a press release from COAST Products this afternoon, and while I was unfamiliar with the company, the knife did catch my eye and I began to dig a little deeper.

After a thorough perusal of their website and a little Google-Fu, I have learned that COAST began as Coast Cutlery in Portland, OR and carved out a niche providing tools to the loggers and fishermen of the Pacific Northwest. In its modern configuration, the company seems to be a purveyor of mid-range Chinese-made multitools, flashlights, and knives targeted at a hardware and big-box audience. Their multitools in particular seem to get good Interweb reviews for the money.

Most of their product lines consist of the Cr/MoV class of stainless steels and come with a price points between $20 and $45.  All in all my impression is that of a solid company that is looking to market functional, durable tools at a value price. Their presence at this year’s SHOT show and the nature of the knives that they announced today show that they are making an effort to establish themselves in the tactical and higher-end markets.

From the Press Release:

The BX300 and BX315 blades are 9Cr18 Mov stainless steel, making them extremely robust in all temperatures
and environments. While working at an indoor or outdoor jobsite, the POLYSTEEL knives can take on the most rigorous projects and conditions. Heat-treated, tempered and sub-zero quenched, the blades achieve maximum hardness and edge-holding capability. For added safety and dependable
use, they include an easy to operate back-lock. These knives are designed to be ultra-comfortable and cut consistently each time. And, as with COAST’s entire product line, the POLYSTEEL knives are backed by a lifetime warranty.

 9Cr18Mov stainless steel blade
 POLYSTEEL™ TRP over hard nylon frame handle
 3.0 inch blade; 7.125 inches overall
 1.6 ounces

 9Cr18Mov stainless steel blade
 POLYSTEEL™ TRP over hard nylon frame handle
 3.25 inch blade; 8.6255 inches overall
 3.6 ounces

The first thing that pops in my head when I think about these knives is that they would be great knives to throw in a tackle box. 9Cr18MoV is a higher-end stainless sometimes used in surgical instruments. The knives’ handles have a non-slip “thermo-plastic rubber” coating over a fiberglass/polymer frame with good jimping and ergonomic cutouts for the index and middle fingers.

I will definitely look for COAST Products at the Blade Show and will update you when I can get my hands on one.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Good, inexpensive knives are what I like (and why I have an Opinel and a Mora).

  2. I_Like_Pie says:

    Coast – The name pretty much nailed it.

    Saltwater is awful on knives and these look up to the task.

  3. Nathan says:

    I’ve had rust on that steel before and I didn’t live by the ocean. And I normally avoid Coast. My old coworker had one. He let me see it and it was practically falling apart in my hands

  4. chuck k says:

    Lowes Home Improvement stores, at least here in PA, carry a lot of Coast stuff. Flashlights, knives, multi tools. Everything I have ever gotten is pretty much junk and I avoid all of it now.
    Fortunately, Lowes has lately started carrying some decent knives from Kershaw, CRKT, SOG, and others at good prices. I got a SOG Twitch II there and it was one of the sharpest knives out of the box (well, plastic bubble pack) I ever got.

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. Like I said, the company is new to me. I did notice some CRKT knives at Lowes last time I was shopping, but I didn’t give it much thought. I have never noticed COAST, but then again I don’t do my knife buying at big box retailers. (Amazon or Smoky Mountain Knife Works are my typical choices).

    I guess I will have to get ahold of one to break, er I mean test in the future.

  6. Like many of you, my opinion of Coast was of a pretty low end product. That upgrade in steel sounds nice though. 9Cr can be good stuff if the heat treat is good.

    If they are spending the money on better steel, they might also be spending money on better materials. Might be worth checking out.

  7. Paul B says:

    Price point. I won’t buy any Chinese makes any more. I’ve got a drawer full of cheap hardware store knives. I would not give them away.

    I did have one I like that seemed to be solid and worked for about a week to give it a decent edge. used it once and started over on the edge. Hinge points are usually wobbly on those knives as well.

    Have to see if these are in the Mora range of price and good design.

  8. jeepdude says:

    I’m all for investigating new knife brands you can on occasion come out with a real good deal.

  9. janitor says:

    ive played around and bought a sanrenmu 710. its a solid little knife. “good” chinese knives are out there if you want them. i think they would make good stocking stuffers.

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Coming Soon from COAST Products: POLYSTEEL Knives

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