Coming Soon From CRKT: Steve Jernigan ‘Persian’ Folder

Image courtesy Columbia River Knife & Tool

A backswept blade and curved handle give this new CRKT knife a vaguely Middle Eastern feel, and the gold titanium-nitride coating on the stainless steel frame stands out against the black G10 handles . . .

Image courtesy CRKT

CRKT’s pre-release press doesn’t hold any tacticool pretentions for this slim knife. The 8Cr14MoV blade is a compact 2.71″ long (legal almost anywhere knives are allowed) and with an MSRP of only $50 you can call me interested.

Click here for preorder information.


  1. Chris Dumm says:

    Apparently CTKT’s own website is behind the times, and a reader informs me that several online vendors are already selling the Persian. Smoke em if you got em.

    1. Ducky says:

      Thanks! I just bought mine from Amazon.

  2. Aharon says:

    Good to learn about this knife Chris. I like the shape of the handle and blade. It looks classy. Thanks for the heads-up about CRKT’s site needing an update and that it is now available. One of Amazon’s Featured Merchants has it listed at $30 to include free shipping.

  3. Nathan says:

    Definitely a beauty, but I’ve found that much belly to cause the blade to slip off when I cut cardboard

  4. Derek says:

    I don’t normally like a whole lot of belly on my knives but that is one darn purdy knife. And for only $30 I think I’ll have to grab one.

  5. JAS says:

    Gorgeous knife!!! I don’t even want to look anymore or I will buy one.

  6. Pat says:

    I could get this for $23. Will I? Sadly, no. First off, I am a damn lefty and this thing is right only. Second thing, the little stud is REAL hard to access due to the handle scale design not allowing enough room for thumb. No gimping on the top or guard/indentation on the bottom makes it extremely likely for an “accident”. Add to all this the fact that it does not have a pocket clip and its a no go.
    Such a lovely design too…..rats.

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Coming Soon From CRKT: Steve Jernigan ‘Persian’ Folder

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