Coming Soon From Kershaw: ‘Lifter’ Blackwash

Image courtesy KAI-USA

Expanding on its recent line of blackwash-finish knives, Kershaw is set to release the new ‘Lifter’ model, possibly even before the Blade Show in June. The all-steel folder features both flipper and thumbstud opening, with Kershaw’s patented Speedsafe assisted opening mechanism and a sturdy liner lock. Unusual for a Kershaw, it’s got a deep-carry pocket clip.

Image courtesy KAI-USA

Although the knife hasn’t been released yet, that pocket clip has already drawn one call for an early redesign. Many users prefer to carry their flippers in a tip-up configuration, but the Lifter permits only right-side/tip-down carry.

The 3.5″ recurved Tanto blade hasn’t been spec’d yet on the KAI-USA website, but considering the Lifter’s $29.99 MSRP I’m predicting that it will be Chinese-made 8Cr13MoV. Kershaw has a huge selection of Chinese-made knives at this price point, so I assume their manufacturing costs are low enough that they don’t mind competing primarily with themselves in this market segment.

Entry-level materials aside, this knife has a unique appearance that sets it well apart from most EDC cutlery in this price range. It may not carry many bragging rights, but with a likely street price of about twenty-five bucks, you won’t be heartbroken if you lose it.


  1. Matt in FL says:

    I like it. It’s cheap, good looking, and nearly disposable. I’d carry one, though I also would prefer tip-up carry.

    1. MD Matt says:

      Though it would be hard for that one to compete with my Kershaw R.A.M.
      Good company.

    2. Eowyn says:

      Good looking? Looks like something out of Mordor.

  2. GC says:

    The blacked-out deep carry clip makes this very appealing. It would be nice to see that more often on knives.

  3. DrewN says:

    Why do folks hate tip down so much? It’s the only way I’ll carry, and being a lefty, well, let’s just say my knife options are limited to say the least. I find the drawing/sheathing motion far more natural tip down and my thumb falls right on the stud/thumbhole before I even clear my pants.

    1. htom says:

      If you carry in your back pocket, with the knife tip up inside your pocket, you reach back, put your hand into your pocket, grasp the knife, pull it out, and your thumb or forefinger are at the flipper or button. Open, and the blade extends into a natural grip. Tip down, you have to reverse the knife along its travel. You probably lift the knife between thumb and finger and close your hand on it after doing the lift, accomplishing the reversal but leaving it possible for you to lose the knife as you grasp the knife in the air (instead of in your pocket.) Pull then grasp (tip down) , or grasp then pull (tip up.)

      1. DrewN says:

        Yep, but I carry in my left front jeans pocket, so no chance of getting my hand in there without some wriggling. It’s never occurred to me to carry in my back pockets, they feel very insecure.

        1. htom says:

          If you use your thumb into your front pocket, with your hand on the outside of the pocket facing the center of your body and the blade opens in that direction, you don’t need to do a reversal, it’s true.

          I don’t like doing that, which is why I don’t like tip down carry. I can remain seated while drawing from my back pocket, but not from my front pocket.

  4. swarup says:

    soo umm how many of you feel poorer buy 25 bucks already 😛

  5. Adam says:

    Don’t care for this model but I’m very excited for some of Kershaw’s other knives coming out this year. I’ll be re-buying a couple I already own but in the new blackwash finish and I’ve held off on a cryo II until the blackwash comes out. I’m also stoked for the Emerson collabs.

  6. Insipid Moniker says:

    I believe Kershaw has actually stated the steel on their new economy series will be 3cr13. Chinese steel that should perform a lot like 420J.

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Coming Soon From Kershaw: ‘Lifter’ Blackwash

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