Coming Soon to TTAK: Gerber Week

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We will be running our 4 Gerber knife reviews consecutively next week.

It has been several months since I first asked the question: What’s the deal with Gerber?  I had been disappointed in their absence from the Blade Show, and combined with grumblings from many of you all about quality control and other issues, I called them out.

Gerber responded, I had the opportunity to do an extended interview with one of their Marketing managers, a man by the name of Andrew Gritzbaugh. You can read more about the interview at the above link, but the short version of the story is that Gerber has dramatically increased their domestic knife production, and Andrew sent us 4 of their Portland, OR- made blades for testing.

I sent the Ghost-strike to David, the Gator Premium to Nathan, and I kept the Strong Arm and Propel Auto. We have been testing these knives extensively all summer, and at David’s suggestion we are going to run them all together in the incredibly creatively-named “Gerber Week”, starting November 2nd. One each morning, and a final-thought editorial on Friday. I look forward to bringing you all the results of our testing.

To whet your appetite, our Editor Emeritus, Chris Dumm reviewed the Gerber Reflex Mini back in 2013. Give it a read and look for our new reviews next week.


  1. EdgeofJudgment says:

    Yea! I just did a jumping heel click.

  2. Roger says:

    I’m a little concerned they may have cherry picked these blades for the review. Any way someone could secure one of these new knives to compare?

    1. Yes, there is that risk. However, I have seen both the Strong Arm and Gator Premium highlighted on the front-page banners of, and it seems like those two are being put forth as the “face of Gerber” to the non-Bear Grylls crowd.

      I am happy being convinced that Gerber can still produce good knives, even if we need to go back and sort out some of the dogs from the mix.

      1. AW1Ed says:

        Cool, been waiting for this. I have an A-6 Auto, and a Covert Folder Auto, and am looking forward to your reviews.

  3. sagebrushracer says:

    We all know that the spendy Gerbers are worth the money, now they only have to bring up quality (and prices) to get the rest of their stuff out of the $20 and under junk knife market.

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Coming Soon to TTAK: Gerber Week

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