Competitive butchery? Apparently it’s a thing.

competitive butchery

Today I learned, though I am not entirely surprised, that competitive butchery is a thing. There is a World Butchers’ Challenge, which will next take place in 2018 in Belfast. Between this World Cup competition, countries’ National Butchery Teams compete in test matches, just as they would in soccer, rugby, or cricket.

Like any of these “friendly” competitions, the rivalries can often be quite fierce. Such is the case any time Australia and New Zealand compete in anything, and while the competitors are friendly, the competition is fierce with victories and bragging rights trading off between the two teams over the years.



We have the All Blacks, the Black Sticks, the Blackcaps – and the Sharp Blacks.

They’re New Zealand’s national butchery team, and they’ve just played out an epic clash with the Aussies.

The stage may look like your local butcher’s – but it’s playing host to a Trans-Tasman Test Match.

“We get judged on waste, cleanliness, innovation, attention to detail, knife skills,” says Australian Steelers captain Adam Stratton.

And like any Australasian match-up there’s rivalry and banter.

“We like each other, and we have a few beers afterwards, but beforehand it’s ‘heads down, let’s get rolling,'” says Stratton.

It started, as all great ideas do, as a bet – between the heads of the Kiwi and Aussie Beef & Lamb boards.

This time out the Aussies won. You can watch some of the competition below, or check out the World Butchers’ Challenge Facebook Page:



The Trans-Tasman event will (gave) both teams the opportunity to fine tune their skills ahead of the biggest international butchery competition the world has seen, the World Butchers’ Challenge in which twelve countries are currently registered to compete.

The World Butchers’ Challenge, to be held on March 21 2018 in Belfast, Ireland, will see teams from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, South Africa and the USA alongside the two Southern Hemisphere nations fight for the title of the best butchers on the globe.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Why have we never heard of this before?

  2. cmeat says:

    hey, sam- looks like you scored a hat trick! or does it say four now…

  3. Mick Hansen says:

    Count me in. I wonder what happens to the by-product of such an event…my hope would be tasting for the crowd?!?!

    Enjoy your articles, thanks for sharing.

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Competitive butchery? Apparently it’s a thing.

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