Completely Irrelevant Post and a plug for a great cause


This post has nothing to do with knives. Please read it anyway.

In a shocking abuse of my editorial authority I am going to leave knives behind for a moment and put in a plug for a great cause. Project Healing Waters is a charititable organization that I am proud to support, both with monetary donations and tomorrow with my time.

To quote their mission statement, “Project Healing Waters is dedicated to the emotional and physical rehabilitation of disabled active duty service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings”.

They do this in many ways including rod building and fly-tying (making of one’s own flies) which are a great fine-motor form of occupational therapy as well as an emotional/creative outlet, or fly-casting instruction and guided outings which are great gross-motor therapy. While I can not claim to be an expert on the psychological demons our veterans face, I can certainly attest to the therapeutic value of a day spent in God’s Office.

Tomorrow I will be participating in the Smoky Mountain Grand-Slam Challenge. This event included a fundraising banquet this evening with a silent auction among other activities. The main event however is a fishing tournament on the Clinch River.

I am one of 10 guides/boats participating. Each boat will have one guide, one sponsor, and one disabled veteran. We are floating a section of the Clinch that has produced the TN State Record Brown Trout – a 28lb 12oz monster in 1988. While I, and every guide involved wants to be the winning boat, we know that we are small part in something much bigger than just catching fish. I attempted to capture this feeling in my bio blurb:

“I would not have the freedom to pursue all of my vocations and passions if not for those who have given so much for us all. “Sacrificing” a Saturday doesn’t begin to repay the debt.”

The other guides deserve a shout, you can Click Here to read the Guide Bio Page.

ESPN did this beautiful piece on Project Healing Waters. It can give you a sense of the organization and how it helps veterans much better than my simple words.

Good Luck Tomorrow Everyone.




  1. NavyRetGold says:

    Capt. Ed Nicholson, USN, Ret. Former CO of the USS Connole FF-1056 home ported in Newport, RI. about 1983. All the junior officers who served under him are somewhat amazed that he would involve himself in an organization aiding disabled and PTSD stricken veterans. He is to be commended for this effort in support of a noble cause. We also hope that PHWFF can avoid the bureaucratic bloat and left wing liberal agenda corruption that appears to have afflicted the Wounded Warrior Project.

    I remember Capt. Nicholson told the JO’s before he left.. “you guys will miss me when I’m gone, you don’t know it yet, but you will.” By God, he was right. His relief was a raving lunatic! I could tell tales, but that’s for another time and another thread.

    1. Thank you again NRG…

      I would love to hear the stories. I take it he was a hard but effective Commander?

      I think that PHWFF can avoid a lot of the bloat. For one thing they are much narrower in focus than WWP. I don’t know much about the latter other than they appear to have a huge advertising budget.

      I have met many guys involved in PHWFF going back several years. Most of them are veterans themselves. Any bloat they experience is in having to deal VA system and its many problems.

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Completely Irrelevant Post and a plug for a great cause

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