Condor Makes A Kephart Knife–What Do We Tell Clay?

Image courtesy Condor Tool And Knife


Clay has been working on his own Kephart Knife for some time now, but he’s a full-time fishing guide with clients to teach and fish to catch. In fact, if you need the skinny on Smoky Mountains rivers, Clay is definitely your man. You can find Clay at Smoky Mountain Gillies, but if you’re looking for an affordable Kephart Knife of your own you’ll need to look elsewhere.

To El Salvador, where Condor Tool And Knife makes them by the crate. The Condor Kephart is a mid-sized bushcraft knife with a 4.5 inch blade made from 1075 carbon steel. The hardwood handle is riveted and epoxied, and the knife comes with a handsome leather sheath.

For $49, this looks like a straightforward rendition of a classic American woodsman’s knife pattern.

Manufacturer’s link here.


  1. Adam says:

    I really love the Kephart style knife, I have a custom Kephart from ML Knives that is one of my favorites. I also really love my Condor Bushcraft knife. It’s a great no nonsense no frills workhorse at a great price point. I think I may need to pick up one of these at some point.

  2. jwm says:

    It reminds me of a paring knife. My favorite knockaround knife is a martiini inox with a blade about an inch shorter than this. Small blades do a lot of routine chores quite well.

  3. Robert says:

    Kephart, in his classic book Camping and Woodcraft, showed a picture of what he considered the ideal outdoorsman’s pattern knife, and he chose the blade shape of the Marble’s Woodcraft.

  4. Duncan Idaho says:

    I prefer Moras for most knife chores, but I do own a small Condor wannabe sabre that is pretty well made. They seem to make pretty good stuff.

  5. Mark says:

    Condor makes two versions, there is a smaller on too. I have the smaller one and love it, great for in the truck or in the canoe because it stays out of the way and does not push against me when I sit down. Well made.

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Condor Makes A Kephart Knife–What Do We Tell Clay?

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