Connecticut Veteran’s Knife Conviction Overturned

A Connecticut court has thrown out the conviction of Jason DeCiccio, a former Army Medic who was due to serve 15 months in prison for the possession of “illegal” knives and a police baton. The problem arose when Mr. DeCiccio was involved in a traffic accident while moving from Connecticut to Massachusetts to take a job working for the V.A.

In the course of investigating the accident, police discovered DeCiccio’s collection of swords and knives, which were legal for one to possess in their home, but not in public. A State jury found DeCiccio guilty of two counts of illegal weapons possession, but a unanimous ruling from the CT Supreme Court overturned this verdict. According to the court, the CT statute prohibiting possession in a vehicle was a violation of the second amendment because it prevented the legal transport of the items between legal residences.

According to his lawyer, the decision came too late to save DeCiccio’s job. He lost it as a result of the legal case.



“The Supreme Court said in its decision that the swords, knives and other weapons found in DeCiccio’s vehicle were mementos from his military service overseas in Afghanistan, Germany and Kosovo. DeCiccio testified at his trial that he volunteered to serve in Kosovo and suffered a traumatic brain injury there when a mine exploded under his Humvee.”

But the money shot comes from Justice Richard Palmer, who wrote:

“The safe transportation of weapons protected by the Second Amendment is an essential corollary of the right to possess them in the home for self-defense when such transportation is necessary to effectuate that right,”.

Logic is not the anti’s strong suite. Thankfully, the CT Supreme Court (which upheld the post-Newtown gun nonsense) had an outbreak of common sense. Hopefully, Mr. DeCiccio wins his illegal arrest and imprisonment lawsuit. States need to be punished for infringing on the right’s of their citizens.


  1. Mike L says:

    “States need to be punished…”

    Unfortunately the usual remedy is that the State takes money from other citizens to pay the unlawfully arrested bloke. It should be a PERSONAL judgement against the officials.

  2. Roger says:

    You can’t get a jury to indict a cop for choking a man to death while gasping out “I can’t breathe” but you can totally get one to indict for having a sword in your car. The problem is the entire legal system.

  3. JoshuaS says:

    Just learned a new word! That is actually very rare with me.

    I knew to effect and to affect. Now there is to effectuate. At first I thought, “man, did someone think that to effect was not a verb due to a bad 3rd grade teacher and had to coin a new word?” But apparently they are equally old in English, and derived from the same word, one from the present infinitive stem and the other from the past.

    So, Congress effected change in law. The FDA effectuated the change (made effectual/effective).

    So the ratification of the 2nd amendment effected a positive law recognition of the right to bear arms. Court cases like this effectuate the right to bear arms. I am going to have fun with this….

    1. I missed that. Good catch.

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Connecticut Veteran’s Knife Conviction Overturned

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