Could Video Games Do For Knives What They’ve Done For Guns?

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If you’ve got teenagers in the house, you’ve probably got Call Of Duty: Ghosts. If you hang around your teen long enough you’ll witness all kinds of carnage and all kinds of weaponry. Thanks (in large part) to the COD franchise, every kid at the bus stop understands the difference between an AK-47 and an AKS-74U.

Could some video game, someday, do the same thing for knives?

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Maybe, in some small way, it already is. This ugly and (IMHO) ungainly creation is one of the implements of carnage of the latest Call Of Duty installment, and word is that the $20 knockoff version is selling pretty well at and other novelty knife dealers. Previous COD games have featured Randall knives, and the franchise has immortalized the unobtainable Spetznaz ballistic knife.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?


  1. Sam L. says:

    I’m going for “both”.

  2. SigGuy says:

    Not until a knife-only video game sells as well as CoD

    1. Wade says:

      There are bunch of guys that play knife only… no guns. Some have turned it into a knife-only video game through choice.


  3. Arod529 says:

    Na, I think movies already got that down pat.

  4. splic3r says:

    Does it normalize, or at least generate interest in knives? Then it is a good thing. If they could be a bit less childish then all the better, but every little bit helps.

  5. 2hotel9 says:

    Sorry, I just can’t get past the abortion pictured. What the f**k would you do with that,,,,,,,thing?

    I want some frikking realistic knives/knife action just in general. Get right down to it and there is a large part of the population that don’t know how to properly use the knives in their kitchens much less any sort of “specialty” knives.

  6. ChuckN says:

    It’s not necessarily just the types of guns in games that
    add to their popularity but the realistic game play.
    The guns aren’t simple skins anymore but have
    capabilities comparable to their real world counter
    parts. Knives, not so much.

    To make realistic knife combat in games, you’d need to
    add a whole new dimension to movement and body
    physics. Games today have the standard slash/stab
    and you simply aim in the general direction you want.
    You can’t vary your attack or target specific spots. You
    just stab anywhere until the other guy is dead; not
    unlike shooting a bad guy 3-4 times in the ankle.
    By far the largest problem is perception. A computer
    screen simply does need lend itself to more than a
    trimmed 2D viewpoint. 1st person is too close and you
    cannot see even half a body if you’re right next to it.
    3rd person places you to far away. In either case it’s
    next to impossible (for now) to estimate distances in
    inches; and in knife combat an inch can make all the

  7. karl h says:

    i got a blackhawk tatang becuase i saw it in MW3. its a cool knife that i wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. definitely didnt exactly need it though. so yes. the answer(s) to your question is, “yes,” and, “they already are.”

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Could Video Games Do For Knives What They’ve Done For Guns?

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