Criminal charged following “Weapon-free Zone” stabbing


A criminal disregarded the “Weapon Free Zone” signs at a Knoxville hospital.

Weapon-free Unicorn Zones have been in the local Knoxville news of late. It seems our illustrious Mayor, Madeline Rogero, has seen fit to ignore Tennessee state law which allows for guns to be legally carried by permit holders in the case of the Tennessee Valley Fair at Chilhowee Park which isn’t actually a park despite its actually being one and the fact that the venue frequently hosts large regional gun shows. She seems to think that preventing law-abiding citizens from legal carry of tools, that criminals will honor her proclamations.

Another example of this flawed thinking took place this morning when two nurses at the Physicians Regional Medical Center in North Knoxville were stabbed. The signs proclaiming the hospital a “Weapon Free Zone” didn’t stop the perpetrator, who was brought to the hospital by police for acting belligerent earlier.

From WBIR:

“Hospital spokesman Jerry Askew told WBIR that it happened around 6:30 a.m. Monday.

The alleged attacker is Gary Michael Smallwood, 40, of Covington, Ky. Smallwood was a patient at the facility, located at 900 E. Oak Hill Ave., according to the Knoxville Police Department.

Smallwood is charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Knoxville police said Smallwood had scissors and a knife.

Askew said both nurses attacked are in stable condition. Hospital officials are working to determine what happened in the moments leading up to the stabbing. KPD said they aren’t sure what motivated Smallwood to attack the staff.

KPD said one male nurse and one female nurse suffered non-life threatening injuries in the incident. The female nurse suffered a puncture wound to her upper chest. The male nurse had more significant injuries and lacerations that occurred in a struggle over the knife with Smallwood.”


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Criminal charged following “Weapon-free Zone” stabbing

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