CRKT Releases new video of titanium/Acuto+ Ken Onion Eros.

I am an outspoken CRKT fanboy. In fact, theirs are the only Chinese-made knives that I will carry on a regular basis. I have done reviews of two of CRKT’s Ken Onion-designed tools, the Hootenanny and the Halfachance parang. The Eros appears to be CRKT’s answer to the Kershaw Leek, at least the premium-material versions anyway given its $225 price tag. Specifically, it is a small leaf-point flipper, with a definite Gentleman’s Folder feel to it.

Weighing in at a featherweight 1.4 ounces the Eros boasts textured titanium scales and a Japanese Acuto+ steel blade and an MSRP of $225. This is pretty steep for a Chinese-made knife, but a considerable portion of that price tag is tied up in the premium materials involved.

You can read more about the Eros at CRKT’s Website.


  1. Shoopmonster says:

    I think this knife might have been released 3 years ago

    1. The video was 16 hours old

    2. Sam L. says:

      This appears to be the high-zoot model, titanium scales, not plain, flat SS scales, and a higher-grade blade steel. I see the basic plain-Jane model at Amazon for $45 or less.

  2. Daniel Bryan's Beard Hair says:

    Blade HQ has them for $134 with free shipping. Very cool gentleman-ly knife with a very Todd Begg style to it.

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CRKT Releases new video of titanium/Acuto+ Ken Onion Eros.

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