Customs Seizes 3,600 Combs And Training Knives. I Definitely Feel Safer Now.

Image: US CustomsLast month in Baltimore, Customs and Border Protection agents discovered and seized a shipment of 2,400 switchblades and 1,200 ‘butterfly combs’ arriving from China. Confiscating a crate of ‘switchblades’ that have no blades, and evil ‘butterfly’ knives combs is a pretty pathetic thing for the CBP to be crowing about.

Looking at the CBP photo above, we’re left to guess why any of these are called ‘knives’ at all, and how easy it would really be to remove the comb portion of that fake Balisong in the middle. These drilled-out blades don’t look like they have edges on them, and it’s kind of hard to call a knife a knife when it’s a drilled-out slab of dull metal.

Image courtesy Benchmade

In fact these evil Chinese ‘switchblades’ look like crap-quality imitations of the Benchmade 62T butterfly trainer shown here. Which, we should add, you can purchase online and receive by mail.

While illegal immigrants and narcotics flow almost unimpeded across our Southern border, this seizure of ‘contraband’ doesn’t is at best a colossal waste of DHS resources. At worst it’s an unnecessary seizure of harmless junk by overreaching federal agents.

Another proud moment in the glorious history of the DHS, our very own Kommissariat.


  1. Mistereveready says:

    Just be glad they weren’t real knives or some agent enforcing stupid laws may have had their hand cut.

  2. ChuckN says:

    When I was in high school I used to carry a switchblade comb simply
    because it annoyed several LEOs in the area. Maybe these CBP agents
    have the same mindset. They just can’t stand flagrant use of lawful

  3. jwm says:

    Our government hard at work protecting us from terrorists. Or something. Or nothing. Time to start building a new Ark.

  4. B says:

    Actual terrorists and criminals are far too dangerous to confront, much safer to push around the law abiding.

  5. a says:

    Informative article, totally what I needed.

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Customs Seizes 3,600 Combs And Training Knives. I Definitely Feel Safer Now.

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